Lake Nasser with a motor boat – Nubian temples and Abu Simbel
(3 days/2 nights, at least 6 participants)

The Lake Nasser covers a distance of ca. 500 km between Aswan and Wadi Halfa in Sudan. The Egyptian part of Nubia and a multitude of historically relevant places is nowadays largely covered by the floods of this giant water reservoir.
During the building period of the new high dam in the 60es Egypt, supported by an international solidarity action, performed enormous efforts to save Abu Simbel and some of the other Nubian temples by transferring them to safe places on the planned new west bank.

The Nile route Aswan – Abu Simbel is today mainly a program part of a few cruise ship enterprises.
Alternatively we like to offer you this travel here with a smaller motor boat.

You will start from the new high dam in Aswan and will access during your trip some of the remaining Nubian temples: Kalabsha/Beit Wali, Wadi el-Sebua, El-Amada, Kasr Ibrim. In the end of the journey you will reach and visit Abu Simbel.
On all temple visits you will be – on your request – be accompanied by a professional tour guide (English and German).

The motor boat for this travel is equipped with guest rooms, bathrooms, a small lounge and a sun deck. Your meals (full board) are served according to our standard offer (similar to the house boat). During nights the boat will stop either at the west bank or at an island.

From Abu Simbel back to Aswan you travel either with the motor boat (in this case you will need ca. 5 days for the whole trip) or overland (we will also organize this transfer for you).
On your request is also an overnight stay in Abu Simbel possible (on the boat or in a hotel which could be arranged by us).

Please book this tour in the long run because we will need here a longer preparation time!

Perhaps you want to reach your other destinations in Egypt directly from Abu Simbel? Domestic flights to Aswan, Luxor, Cairo as well as to Hurghada and Sharm El-Shaikh are available. However we would like to ask you to book these flights individually – booking via internet or local travel agencies is also possible at short notice.