Weather and travel time
The climate in Aswan are defined by the desert: almost no rain, hot summers with day temperature between 40 °C and 50 °C and winters which are – with day temperatures between 20 °C and 25 °C – almost similar to an European summer, however there are also nights with temperatures below 10 °C. The “coldest” months are December and January – here may be also some days with day temperatures below 20 °C.
The best travel time is between October and April.

Optimal clothes for our area are light and loose pieces made of cotton or linen. A headdress, especially for tours, is recommended.
In winter time please take one or two pieces of warm cloth with you.

Our environment in Aswan does not have any special health risks (for example Malaria).
Bathing and swimming in the Nile is possible without any problems. The river at our place is clean and steadily flowing. A bilharzia risk is given only in irrigation canals (slowly flowing or still water) – here you should better avoid any contact with the water.
Diarrhea up to now not has been a problem on the houseboat. Our meals are prepared very carefully, also on all tours you will get bottled mineral water.

Opportunities for medical treatment are available in Aswan (“German Hospital” and diverse physicians), most prevalent medicines can be provided by local pharmacies without any problems.

Please refer basically to the travel advises of the German Foreign Ministry ( or the embassy of your country.

In and around Aswan exist currently no special security risks.
By security reasons all drives to and from Abu Simbel are possible only in a guarded convoy, the convoy obligation for drives to and from Luxor has been stopped recently.

During the Islamic fasting month Ramadan Muslims will not eat or drink or smoke from sunrise till sunset. Tourists will not be expected to share this religious practice, however you may expect that daily life especially outside of the touristic facilities will follow a different and slower rhythm.

Nevertheless also a travel during Ramadan can be an appealing experience and of course you are welcome on the boat also in this time of the year.

Ramadan 2009/2010
2009: August 21st – September 19th
2010: August 11th – September 8th