The “Nile Dream” is anchored on Sahel Island, approx. 20 minutes by motorboat south of Aswan, the heart of Egyptian Nubia.

Already on your very first trip from Aswan to the boat you will touch the impressing landscape of the Cataract Islands and get a first impression of the life at the Nile which awaits you in the coming days.

You will plunge into an atmosphere which is determined by the river, by quietness and by a life close to nature.
From your place on the boat you will look over the Nile and on the desert hills which cover the west bank.
You will live with the images and the sounds of the Nile – by the way Nubian people say, that not only the river is singing and narrating but also its people-like inhabitants on the ground, who may – in some special nights - even come up to visit us in our sphere. J
Perhaps you will do a small boat trip between Cataract Islands – some of the islands are used for agriculture, others are nature protection areas, especially for birds.

You will swim in the Nile (please drink a drop of its water to make sure to come back sometime), perhaps explore the extensions of the desert for a couple of hours or simply relax on our sun deck.

If you wish, you may have intensive personal contact with local Nubian people. Many of these encounters will happen spontaneously, simply out of the occurrences of the day, which may then end with an invitation into an Nubian house or a party with traditional Nubian music. (We live with the boat between 2 Nubian villages – one of them on Sahel Island, the other – Gharb el-Sahel on the west bank – only a few minutes by motorboat away from our place.)

But above all you will experience a holiday time which is focused on your needs and wishes and your individual rhythms.

Some practical information:

We offer 3 guest rooms, each with 2 beds.
Two of the rooms are equipped with small bathrooms. The other one has its bathroom on the other side of the corridor.

For group bookings we can provide an additional guestroom for 2 or 3 people (also equipped with its own bathroom).

The houseboat has a small lounge and a big, covered sun deck. To the boat belongs also a garden which can be used by our guests.

The owner, Mohamed Beshir, speaks English and lives on the boat.