A motorboat trip is the easiest and fastest way to move between Aswan and the houseboat. Of course we will provide you this opportunity at any time.

Alternatively you can start your activities with a walk over Sahel Island. You walk across a traditional Nubian village, pass the “hunger steles” (an archeological site) and will then arrive to a small landing place. From here you will be transferred to the east bank of the Nile by a small raw boat. From there you pass another village and reach finally the main road to Aswan, where you can find taxis and busses to the city or to other destinations. On your request we would like to accompany you on this walk at least for the fist time.
An exploration of the island and a visit of the village we recommend anyway.

To Elephantine and Botanical Island we bring you either with our motorboat or you rent a feluka – perhaps you may wish to integrate a visit of the 2 islands into a little longer sailing trip. The feluka captains you will meet all over the corniche in Aswan.
To reach Elephantine and the west bank you can also use public ferry boats.

We recommend to combine a visit of the west bank location with a camel ride which may start either in Gharb al-Sahel close to our anchoring place or in Gharb Assuan below the tombs. Also a combination of feluka tour, camel ride or walking tour is possible.

We would like to offer you to organize all transfers but also complete tours. For visits of the archeological sites we can also provide professional guidance (in German or English).
Prices for transfers and tours are arranged individually.

Our proposals for smaller and bigger activities are for example:

  • City walk Aswan, on request with attendance or professional guidance
  • Motorboat tour through Cataract Islands
  • Tour to Philae or – as a day trip – old and new high dams, Philae, Khalabsha/Beit Wali (car, motorboat)
  • Abu Simbel with or without overnight stay (please keep in mind, that a trip to Abu Simbel can be done with the convoy only – the convoy starts in Aswan in the early morning and around midday)
  • Day trips to Darau, Komombo and Edfu (motorboat or car)
  • Camel rides on the west bank
  • Visits in Nubian villages, organization of Nubian parties (for groups resp. in the context of bigger events which require a certain preparation time).