Via Cairo

  • International Flight to Cairo (attractive offers from Germany for example with TuiFly or Egypt Airways)
  • Domestic flight Cairo-Aswan with Egypt Airways (ca. 1,5 hours, booking via Internet – - or via travel agencies)
  • Alternatively: train trip Cairo-Aswan (ca. 15 hours, tickets you will get in the Ramses Railway Station in the center of Cairo).

The trains are clean an comfortable. A sleeping train booking (cabins for 2 persons) is possible and probably the most comfortable variant of this travel. But also a over-day-trip is a very charming possibility to get a first impression of Egypt.

Via Luxor

  • International flight to Luxor (attractive offers from Germany for example with TuiFly or Air Berlin)
  • Train trip Luxor-Aswan (ca. 3 hours, tickets at the centrally located railway station in Luxor)
  • Alternatively taxi to Aswan

Perhaps you like to spend some days in Luxor before travelling on to Aswan?
Please contact us also with this request.

If desired we organize your hotel accommodation in Luxor as well as your trip Luxor-Aswan.

Our hotel recommendations in Luxor are

Both hotels are located on the west bank of the Nile, slightly apart from the very touristic atmosphere of Luxor city. Coincidentally you can easily and comfortably reach the city as well as the famous archeological sites in and around Luxor.

From Aswan to the house boat

The last distance of your travel you will pass on the Nile.
After getting your travel information we will pick you up in Aswan with a motor boat (ca. 20 minutes, transportation for arrival and departure is free).

On your request we can also pick you up from Aswan airport – for that we would charge you the taxi fee for the drive to Aswan city (ca. 10 €).